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Kintaurs Secret Santa by Gi-Saggiomo Kintaurs Secret Santa :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 2 1 Merry X-maaas!!! by Gi-Saggiomo Merry X-maaas!!! :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 6 5 MYO Ferapip - Starfall by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Ferapip - Starfall :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 3 0 MYO Kyokan Solei - Fyria by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Kyokan Solei - Fyria :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 5 4 MYO Orux - Cheetah by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Orux - Cheetah :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 1 0 MYO Stitch Pup - Bob by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Stitch Pup - Bob :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 4 0 MYO Osteopup - Napoleon by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Osteopup - Napoleon :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 2 2 MYO Leomeire - Apollo by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Leomeire - Apollo :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 3 2 MYO Tetrabyte - Seline by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Tetrabyte - Seline :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 2 2 Balli [MYO Moluma] by Gi-Saggiomo Balli [MYO Moluma] :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 2 0 Wiz [MYO Dream Dear] - TAIL TO BE CORRECTED!!! by Gi-Saggiomo Wiz [MYO Dream Dear] - TAIL TO BE CORRECTED!!! :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 4 7 Clover by Gi-Saggiomo Clover :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 2 2 Bily by Gi-Saggiomo Bily :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 4 3 MYO Wytchlyn on demand by Gi-Saggiomo MYO Wytchlyn on demand :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 3 20 Goldie by Gi-Saggiomo Goldie :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 2 2 Hortence by Gi-Saggiomo Hortence :icongi-saggiomo:Gi-Saggiomo 2 2


Multi-Species Holiday Advent calendar! by LilKyubee Multi-Species Holiday Advent calendar! :iconlilkyubee:LilKyubee 29 18
Glitzoo Christmas Event! (CLOSED)
Surprise! , starting Christmas early! Welcome to the "Give a Glitzoo, Get a Glitzoo" Event! As in, draw someone else's glitzoo, and you get a free MYO (make your own) glitzoo!
This event will only last for TWO weeks! It will end December 14th!
Things you need to know:
1. In order to receive a MYO, all you must do is draw a full body colored pic of someone else's existing glitzoo.
2. Get permission from the owner first before drawing! 
3. You have two weeks to complete the drawing. Event ends December 14th.
4. Put effort into the drawing, you are giving a gift to make someone smile!
5. Once entered you have unlimited time to create your MYO. You only get one MYO no matter how many entries you draw. Rare traits such as the crystals are not allowed to be added to your MYO.
HAVE FUN! Merry early Christmas!
Some of the owners that have given permission to have their glitzoos drawn can be seen here:
List of those who have earned their one MYO:
1. LPSComet (Completed their MYO)
:iconzoetayloradopts:ZoeTaylorAdopts 7 65
Mary by Fuyuure-27 Mary :iconfuyuure-27:Fuyuure-27 266 9 (CLOSED) Tetrabyte *24 HR MYO EVENT* by glittergloo (CLOSED) Tetrabyte *24 HR MYO EVENT* :iconglittergloo:glittergloo 67 84 Auction- Autumn/Winter Lumilux (Closed) by Vaitael Auction- Autumn/Winter Lumilux (Closed) :iconvaitael:Vaitael 21 18 :G: Lavender by Blobosaur :G: Lavender :iconblobosaur:Blobosaur 186 32 CLOSED!! :: 24 Hr. DREAM DEAR MYO EVENT by Etrenelle CLOSED!! :: 24 Hr. DREAM DEAR MYO EVENT :iconetrenelle:Etrenelle 14 84
My advice on Closed Species
Making this quick thing because I'm getting a lot of people asking for advice again. 
Disclaimer: I'm giving advice based on my personal experiences and opinions, it isn't necessarily the best or most accurate advice and I'm 100% aware of this. Whether you take the advice here to heart or not is completely up to you
Consider this: don't make a closed species.
Owning a closed species is one of the most fucking stressful things I have ever had to deal with, and not just because I'm an introvert. Owning a species automatically puts you in a position where you will be irritating other people because you have something that they want. If they can't get what they want for whatever reason be it lack of income, not being fast enough, ect. some people will direct that frustration right at you and will do it in so, so many different ways. I'm not going to list them in this journal, I just don't have the energy to gather all the shitty things p
:iconfumi-lex:Fumi-LEX 160 51
24 hour Free MYO Librumdex -CLOSED-

I saw this was pretty popular recently, so I figured okay, let’s give it a go.
I would love to open up a 24 hour MYO event for the Librumdex.
Librumdex are little creatures that live in second-hand book stores and library
and take care of the books.
This is to grab a slot for a MYO.
You don’t have to make the character in 24 hours.
I may ask you about it though if you don’t make the character within a month.
Librumdex are pretty customizable and can look however you want.
But there are rules that you must follow in order to get one of these guys.
You can draw them either anthro or feral, either is fine.

You must join the group :iconlibrumdex-library:
You must post a journal advertising this event
You can watch me, but only if you want to <3
1 Free MYO per person,
:iconanniekitty14:Anniekitty14 11 134
Trellyn Species Update (Semi-open) by WolfClawKid Trellyn Species Update (Semi-open) :iconwolfclawkid:WolfClawKid 12 4 Wytchlyn Reference v.2 by Leche-Priest Wytchlyn Reference v.2 :iconleche-priest:Leche-Priest 52 18
WAAAH omg I feel so happy a lot of people taking part in the raffle and I feel all you enthusiasm :iconrazycryplz:
I read all comment ( I wasn't able to reply to everyone I'M SORRY T///T )
It's amazing see the different taste from people ;////; THANKS!! Thanks to all these amazing people it's a pleasure make raffles ;; MORE!! yes!
Now, the winner of this raffle \;u;/!!
The winner is...  :iconblackorb00: waaah I'M SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU :party::party::party: \;///7///;/ congratulations!!!!
Now blackorb00 will choose his favourite and the three shadowmonsters will be put for sale in Auction without Ab \;u;/ so everyone can bid >///u//<
THANKS AGAIN A LOT for taking part in the raffle ;__;!! I feel very honored you all like raffles! <3 <3
see you in the next :la:

Feel free to remove from fav if you want ;u; <3

Another Raffle this time...Shadowmonster T////7///T
I'm so happy because was a lot of months from th
:iconpiffi-sisters:Piffi-sisters 1,100 885
6000Points+ Art to win!-OC Drawing Contest[CLOSED]
The contest has officially closed! No entrys will be accepted anymore!
The annoncement of the winners will be updated soon ~

:bademoticon: :bademoticon: 
Thank you all for the wonderful support, we finally made it to 1ooo watchers!! ;u; well actually its 1.1k now ;u; <33
To celebrate that, I'm hosting a Drawingcontest together with my lovely waifu Dakiarts !

First let's clerify the rules to prevent complications, but please still ask if you have question or aren't sure about something!
- Do not copy or trace your entry from any other artwork!
- Please mention us as the owner of the Ocs on your entry
- You can change their designs if it's neccessary for your entry
- You are allowed to draw it ecchi but please no NSFW
- Any drawing-media is allowed, like digital, traditional, pixel etc.
- We w
:iconlumilyuu:LumilYuu 157 278
[CLOSED] 2000 Points + Art :: Draw My OC Contest
{ DEADLINE: Ended }
{ Waiting for one more~  ^u^" }

{ Hello everyone~ I finally have enough points to make a contest... Hhhhngh... ;v; }
{ So please support me on this one since it's my first official contest I don't know where to start... Ahhhnh... //ded }
{So all you precious bbys, if I screw anything up bc I probably will, please forgive me... }
+ R U L E S +

- Registration / How To Join -
{ Read this whole deviation. }
{ Add this journal to your favorites/collections. }
{ You can make a journal advertising this contest. It's not mandatory anymore//shot, but if you do, it will give you another entry in the mini raffle in the contest if you participate. >w< }
{ You're allowed to pick one couple/pair from the characters below. It should be either Kuro and Tsuna OR Miruhi and Kohiko per entry with or without the side characters. }
{ That's it, you're good to go! }

- Gener
:icontsunausui10:TsunaUsui10 260 450


we will not accept any entries again,, ;;////;;
We need a couple weeks to judging and announcing the winner~~!
From now, we will try to commenting on each entry, awweee it might be need many time..
so please wait for it patiently~~! >///////////////////<
we will announced the raffle winner together with the drawing contest tho!
thank you again, have a nice holiday all~~! <333
UPDATE : October 12th 2015
Due to many ppl asking for it and we
:iconskf-adopt:Skf-Adopt 444 1,016
In celebration of my 70k view and 2.3k watchers milestone I'm going to hold a raffle!
:new: [2/12/2015] Thanks to everyone who has participated! 260 entries is more than I ever expected, wow!The winners  will be chosen today through and will be announced very soon! :new: 
[24/11/2015] New prize added for all places![16/11/2015] New prizes!! [14/11/2015] New prizes added in![12/11/2015] Since there are so many people joining in, I decided to add a third prize!
Thank you so much for joining in, guys! I really wasn't expecting so many people to join! 
-glomps everyone-
If anyone wants to donate prizes for the third place they are welcome! :heart:[10/11/2015] New prizes added!!
This is the first time I do something like this on deviantART so
:iconmmxii:MMXII 121 410


So, first off, this is amazing, seriously, I'd love to see more of your writings, so I'm gonna watch you, excume moi. Now, about your q...


I'll sketch something for you (your art or mine).
I'll lineart something for you (your drawing or mine - if already exist, if not, price might change).
Base Coloring - Single Color
I'll color something for you. Price might change depending on base drawing.
(Single colors only)
Complete Coloring - Shades
I'll color something for you, base drawing might make price change.



Sorry to do this in a journal, but since I couldn't get my writting wall on time, I'd rather have it somewhere I'd be able to see it lots.
Please ignore this, or if you'd like to comment something about it, just, get it said :)

My remember for me, To-do list:

1. Tail-correction on Dream-Dear (link: Wiz [MYO Dream Dear] - TAIL TO BE CORRECTED!!! )
2. MYO Wispen (link: 24-hour free MYO Wispens )
3. MYO Librumdex (link: Librumdex Speices Infomation -Genre Specifics- )

26/11 - Tetrabyte (27/11 03:00hr) link: (OPEN) Tetrabyte *24 HR MYO EVENT* - DONE
28/11 - Leomeire (28/11 04:00hr) link: Free Leomeire MYO [OPEN] - DONE
28/11 - Orux (not totally specified) link: Orux MYO Event :001: (2 slots left!) - DONE
28/11 - OsteoPups (not totally specified) link: Open - Free 3 Day MYO Event - 1 DAY LEFT - DONE
29/11 - StitchPups (29/11 11:00hr) link: Free 48 Hour MYO SP Event *OPEN!!* - DONE
29/11 - Ferapip (30/11 02:59hr) link: Free Ferapip MYO Event - DONE
29/11 - Kyokan Solei (29/11 17hrs) link: Free 24H Kyokan Soleis MYO event! - DONE
04/12 - Liquid Paws (not totally specified) link: FREE RARE LIQUID PAWS MYO EVENT - LOST
14/12 - Glitzoo's Xmas event link: Glitzoo Christmas Event! (CLOSED) - DONE
24/12 - Kim's Xmas event link: Kintaur Secret Santa [Applications Open]
25/12 - Toil (not totally specified) link: Toil MYO 'contest'
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Gi-Saggiomo's Profile Picture
Giovanna Saggiomo
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Name: Giovanna, but you may call me Gi or Lilly :)
Age: 23 years
Birthdate: 08th August

So, who am I:
I'm a writer, that´s for sure, although most of my stuff is currently in BR portuguese (sorry guuuys!!!), and I'm working on becoming a Game Artist (so you can understand, I choose the word "artist" because I'm not sure if I wanna go for the programming part, writing part, drawing part, design part, or whatever. But games are art anyways, so, Artist should suit us well for now).

First of all, I choose to create a Deviant to force myself to get rid of all this... Fear is not exactly the word.. Maybe panic would be a good one, of drawing.
I wanna learn and I need to. I won~t settle down until I do.

Also, I want to be able to keep some extremely talented people under my watch for guidance and, most of all, inspiration.

Comissions / Art Trades are: OPEN!
(Although I'm not exactly sure why you'd want one, but, hell yeah, people are crazy!! :D)
I'll write pretty much anything you want, probably.
I'll TRY to draw (but please, nothing too much complicated, I'm learning x.x) chibi's - no realistic stuff.
I'll colour pretty much anything too... I don't have a price chart, so if you really feel like it, just send my a note :D I'll try my best!! :D


Gi-Saggiomo has started a donation pool!
27 / 2,500
Hey there! :D

So, I'm opening this donation for 2 mainly reasons:

1. For my Premium Membership! :D
I've never had one before, so.. Yeah.

2. For contests/raffles/ etc. I believe it really helps some people (like me) who has difficulties accepting and exposing they're own art.

But, well, I know points are hard to get, so, I'd like to give you people something in return!! :D

1 - 5 points - I'll llama you, watch you and fave 1 of your works (I'll look some of them and fave my favorite one, since just faving it randonly wouldn't mean nothing, I guess...)

6 - 10 points - I'll llama you, watch you and fave 3 of your works (I'll look some of them and fave my favorite ones, since just faving them randonly wouldn't mean nothing, I guess...)

11 - 20 points - I'll llama you, watch you and fave 5 of your works (I'll look some of them and fave my favorite ones, since just faving them randonly wouldn't mean nothing, I guess...)

21 - 50 points - I'll llama you, watch you and fave 8 of your works (I'll look some of them and fave my favorite ones, since just faving them randonly wouldn't mean nothing, I guess...)

51 - 75 points - I'll llama you, watch you and fave 10 of your works (I'll look some of them and fave my favorite ones, since just faving them randonly wouldn't mean nothing, I guess...)

76 - 100 points - I'll llama you, watch you and fave 10 of your works (I'll look some of them and fave my favorite ones, since just faving them randonly wouldn't mean nothing, I guess...) and I'll make you a comission (Text or drawing - sketch or lineart, you can choose.)

101 + points - I'll llama you, I'll give you a cake badge, watch you and fave 10 of your works (I'll look some of them and fave my favorite ones, since just faving them randonly wouldn't mean nothing, I guess...) and I'll make you a comission (Text or drawing - sketch, lineart or colored, you can choose.)

So, I guess that's it :D

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconofcrypticanenigmatic:
    Donated Nov 13, 2015, 8:58:11 AM
  • :iconjamiijum:
    Donated Aug 12, 2014, 6:50:01 AM


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